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1st-Dec-2014 09:13 am - December
illuminati Xmas
They year is in it's final month and we have been very busy for awhile now. Finished building all the shelves that we currently. M got all the Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs in order. We can now find stuff which is great. Down in the Man Cave put up some of the same shelves down here although these are white. Got all my Manga in them and in order too. Need more shelves for the paperback collection but those can wait until next year. Putting things away and removing boxes really helps make are house feel more like home.
21st-Oct-2014 09:11 pm - 51
Martian Cake
Had a nice birthday today. Went to Cheese Cake factory for lunch with Maria. Had very good over priced food and took some cheesecake (Oreo cheesecake) home to eat later. Went to game store and picked up a copy of Munchkin Panic a fun little board game. Good things for this past year. Diabetes is now under better control. I'm now about 15 pound less than I was last year and I've been continuing to loose weight since getting the diabetes under better control. Continuing to unpack and to down size my stuff. Maria and I are doing well trying to get used to the new area.
Bad thing is didn't get higher paying job that I applied for.
In all not a bad year.
11th-Apr-2014 07:58 pm - What a drag it is getting old...
but the alternative is dead so I'll take this.

Stayed home from work today. Don't need to be at work when I have these nasty coughing fits. The codeine cough syrup helps some but hopefully this will be gone by Monday so I can be functional at work. New allergy medicines seem to help some.
In the continuing story of getting old sucks. I've been trying to get used to my new glasses. I got diagnosed with astigmatism in my left eye the correction in the glasses takes some getting used to. Since my eye has been self correcting for years it doesn't want to stop which makes things look weird. Tables seem to curve upwards, circular plates look like ovals other weird things. It's getting better with time.
I was put on insulin to better control my diabetes yesterday and it seems to be doing its job in bringing my blood sugars down.
1st-Mar-2014 09:09 pm - Doing grown up handyman stuff.
I am rather proud of myself today. The flapper on my man cave toilet failed. So it wouldn't flush right. So I gutted out the toilet and put all new hardware in it. Down to a new hose for water intake. The amazing thing is it actually works. Normally I do this kind of thing with my Dad since he knows how to do this stuff right. I just followed the directions and remembered stuff from when I did this last with my Dad and thankfully it actually worked. Yay me. ;)
1st-Feb-2014 08:47 pm - Owl
King Owl
Saw a Barred Owl in our tree in front of the house. Was going to check the mail and heard this squirrel making a weird noise. I've had squirrels make noises at me before but nothing like this. When I walked back from the mail box it was still making noise so I looked closer and as I approached the tree the owl jumped into the air. Very cool.
12th-Jan-2014 04:25 am - Adventure Time
I wasn't sure about Adventure Time seemed like a silly Cartoon Network show, but everyone was talking about it. Check it out. It's Kamandi and Thundarr on crack. It takes place in a weird post apocalyptic world and has some very dark story elements in what seems like a silly childlike world. I actually like it.
Looking good
Pretty much what we have been doing today. I will have to go outside to bring the trash up to the house again. Made lunch to that allowed me to use the oven to help warm the place up. We are lucky since we don't nearly have it as bad as people north of us do.
I've been looking around my office for things that I don't need anymore. I have a huge pile of books that I want to read someday but just haven't gotten around to yet. I really don't want to part with these books since some of them I worked very hard to get. A lot of my collection I bought while I was in the Air Force when money was very hard for me to scrape together. Let the culling begin at least for the stuff I know I don't want anymore.
5th-Jan-2014 09:35 pm - Cold
Cold and snow have come into the areas we monitor at work. Several break downs caused by the weather have kept us hopping at work today. Glad I have the next few days off. Going to relax and sort some stuff out in my lair. I also need to design a paperback sized shelf system for my huge collection of old paper back books.

I leave you with Jerk cats stealing dog beds.

4th-Jan-2014 08:52 pm - Poor KC Chiefs
Looking good
Just watched the KC Chief lose to the Colts. Sad part they were ahead for most of the game and the Colts made a fantastic come back. I think what killed the Chiefs was the massive body count of injuries they had during the game. It really took the wind from their sails. At least they had a better season than last year.

Spent most of the day today very tired at work. Hope I'm not coming down with something again.
3rd-Jan-2014 08:20 pm - Steven Burst's Yendi
I love books
Finished Yendi today. I've really been enjoying Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos books. The world he created is rich but not overwhelming like some fantasy novels can get. His characters and the great dialog he gives them are so much fun. I've been listening to the audio book versions have greatly enjoyed them. They are something I can listen to at work when it's slow. Now I've start Neuromancer by William Gibson I read it once a long time ago but I've wanted to read it again for a few years now to see how it holds up.
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